Prince Cassius

Prince Cassius is on a mission to spread the Monkee word so will be wearing 7 different pairs of Monkee Genes, on 7 different days to 7 different Parties!

Here is the story so far…

22 April 2011

Prince Casius is attending 7 Party’s dressed in 7 different pairs of Monkee Genes!

Here is party numero one….

” Last Night, I was invited attend the Pixie Lott for Lipsy launch at the Swaroski Crystal Boutique in London. Pixie showed off her pins as she a last night to showcase her latest range for the clothing store. The weather was amazing and I was inspired to wear one of my favorite Monkee Genes pair the white sateen unisex skinny jeans.

I am loving white skinny jeans! White is a color that is in the spotlight this spring/summer, so now is definitely the time to give them a try. You can wear a pair of white skinny jeans casually on the weekend to brunch or in the evening with a pair of loafers, smart shoes and shirts. 


There are two ways of wearing monkee white skinny genes. Guys can dress it up with a nice pair of shirt and blazer which will instantly give you the ‘smart, preppy look’ or you can style it with a navy polo and a straw hat when you feel to be casual. 

Here is an extra special from the party; Pixie Lott….

Stay posted for more of Prince Cassius’s Monkee Outfits!!!

Hope you are all having a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend!

L.M x

06 May 2011

Party number 2 has come round for Prince Cassius.

Here is what he wore and where he went…

” Tonight my outfit was inspired by the summer in France, those who know i’ll be in Cannes presenting on the red carpet. Super excited! 

 Last night was one of those mad yet amazing media nights. My evening began with me being invited to have pre – drinks at the Penthouse May Fair Hotel with the OK Magazine team.

 After 8, I moved to Sketch London where the Esquire party were having the June issue magazine launch party where Lilly Allen DJ for us then followed to Tommy Hillfiger prep pop-up launch which was just absolute magnificent. 

 Around 12 am me and the fashionista left for another launch party at Whisky mist to celebrate a collecting collaboration and finally after hours of fun – I sadly had to leave. 

 What a night preppy night – thanks to my baby blue Monkee Genes!! ” 

…ok who’s jealous? cause I am!

Prince Cassius also had some extremely exciting news last week (I had a little excited squeal when I read it) He will not only be presenting at the Cannes festival but he will be interviewing the whole of the Jackson family!! I couldn’t think of a more perfect person to interview them.  It is also reported that Daddy Jackson himself saw a picture of Prince Cassius and said ‘That’s the Jackson 6th!!’

Life doesn’t get much crazier than that, and Monkee are sending you lots of love and luck ♥

L.M x

This week Prince Cassius has made me one jealous Little Monkee, not only has he been attending some of the best parties in London but he has also been partying in Cannes with… oh just P.Diddy and The Black Eyed Peas!!!

” After partying for my life in Cannes with P Diddy and Black Eyed Peas. Last night was my first night out in London. Yesterday was one of those nights where I was invited to several of launch parties in London. I began with the Disney Store launched launch party in New Oxford Street.  Then moved to The May Fair Hotel where Esquire were throwing a party and scouting for Britain Best Dressed Man 2011. I was there to support and embrace different styles of fashion throughout London. As some of you remember I was one of the Contenders from hundred of thousands who made it to Top 5 Best Dressed Man for Esquire Magazine and also for GQ Search for the Best Dressed Men. So this year I wanted to seat back (not to applying of course) and relax and browse around embracing styles.

After Esquire magazine party me and my lovely fashionistas moved to Harvey Nics where Lily Allen was launching her new clothing label at the Fifth Floor Restaurant. The launch was truly great most of the fashionistas attended including celebs such as Sophie Elis Bextor, Hollywood actress Chloe Morezt. Eventually after that we moved to The Sunday Mirror Showbiz party in Club Tropicana where Mel C performed.

My outfit inspiration yet again Summer Feeling and the White party in Cannes!!

Wonderful night! Its great to be back and bring on more parties next week!!”

I am TOO excited to for the next report now…

L.M x

26 July 2011

” Dolce & Gabbana London Launch Party 

Last week, I was invited to the Net-A-Porter & Dolce & Gabbanna launch party. This was certainly one of the best party throughout the whole week held at the secret squirrel HQ of Net-A-Porter in West London

 The launch was to celebrate the arrival of Dolce & Gabbana to the Mr Porter online retail website products which can be found online. 

 Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were both there as well looking stunning as always.  Guest included Queen Latifah, David Gandy, Stefano Gabbana, Domenico Dolce, Naomi Campbell etc. 

I always tend to wear bright colours but went classic and minimal and I wore my Inky Black organic denim Supa Skinny Jeans Monkee Genes as I had on my super white blazer matching my black bow tie – to give it that Miami feeling. Throughout the night everyone compliment my look including the amazing D&G men themselves. It was even to my suprise when stefano gabbana asked to take a photo with me. My response was ‘I should be asking you that Stefamo and bursted to laugh. 

Here are some photos from the night “

I am literally lost for words on this one…

‘Well Jell’ is all that I can scrape together :P

L.M x