Jeans for Genes…

Monkee Genes have recently got involved with the charity Jeans for Genes because aside from the similar name they are also an excellent cause, raising money and awareness of genetic disorders. Jeans for Genes help children in the UK get the support and treatment they need to deal with their illness and we think that is a pretty worthy cause!

Jeans for Genes day is on the 7th October this year but Monday night was the launch party so I put my heels (and Monkee jeans) on and went along to Kettners restaurant and champagne bar to see what was going on! It was a great night filled with lots of lovely champagne, cocktails and canapés, a favourite being the mini fish and chips! There was great support from the celebrity world too with Kelis turning up to support the charity and looking fabulous after popping a mini Kelis out less than a month ago. Reality stars Gemma from TOWIE and Josie Gibson also took the limelight giggling and drinking away whilest showing off their new gorgeous figures! We also got chatting to Jay from Dirty, Sexy things who declared his love for Monkee Genes!

The very talented girl band Parade were also there and performed a few songs including an acoustic version of their song louder. The girls were brilliant, looked gorgeous and seemed really down to earth staying around to chat after.

Leaving was made easier when I spotted the goodie bags on the way out including Nail Rock wraps, St Tropez tan, Batiste dry shampoo, biscuits from Biscuiteers  (my new favourite biscuit company) and lots more…

Nokia sponsered the event and hosted a photo booth… See embarrassing picture below…

It was a great night and has made me even more excited for Jeans for Genes day!

To support the cause we are also giving £1 of every sale on the website to the charity from 7th Septmember to the 7th October!

Are you doing anything for Jeans for Genes day?

L.M x